Oprah announced that she will be ending her show in 2011! I can’t tell you how thrilled I am! I know, I know…she’s an icon. As a public relations professional, you do not know how many times I have been asked by the least likely of guests, “Hey, can you get me on Oprah?” The second I hear that question, I immediately know three things: this person has no idea how truly unlikely that scenario is; this person has no idea how real PR works; and this person is probably quite undeserving of Oprah’s attention if they are asking me for it!

  • Hair salon owner who donated facility for Locks of Love event, while cutting my hair, “You work in PR? Oh, I should be on Oprah.”
  • MLM guy who made close to $5,000 in one month, “This product is going to change the world. You should get us on Oprah.”
  • Inventor of small commonly used retail device, “This is so revolutionary, I should be on Oprah.”
  • Online blogger with maybe 200 followers, “I bet Oprah would want to meet me.”

Really? Have you seen the show? I think not.

But I don’t say that. I simply respond, almost politely, “Let’s start with something more attainable, like local radio. We can work up to Oprah.” The people who are so focused thinking they are great enough to be on Oprah are usually lacking focus in another areas, such as management, sales, business development, marketing, IT, finance…little things that might actually help their company really grow and attract real paying customers and change the world and capture Oprah’s producer’s attention!

I understand that Oprah is every entrepreneur’s (pipe) dream, but she and her show have been the bain of many public relations professional’s existence.

Goodbye Oprah. I wish you well. Please don’t come back.

4 thoughts on “Goodbye Oprah. I Wish You Well. Please Don’t Come Back!

  1. Good advice, Jules. Even local radio is a stretch for some of these folks. Blog Talk Radio may be a good place to start. There’s a niche for nearly everything. The clock runs, the adrenalin flows, and if you’re going to choke, that’s a better place to do it.

    You also make a good point that the dreamers who want to start at the top usually are no more realistic about other things.

    Jim Bowman – The Pr Doc®

    1. Thanks, Jim! I have talked people out of doing PR campaigns because if successful, they didn’t have enough product to meet demand. Imagine then the Oprah effect. You have to be ready to be a celebrity to get to that level. And you’re right, the hard workers who are doing it right stand a better chance of making it to the top. But she’s a cool lady, don’t get me wrong. I just never want to hear that question again!

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