social media successI was doing a word search puzzle in bed last night (one of my new non-electronic activities that I am slowing adding into my daily routine) and it occurred to me that approaching social media is quite similar to how we might approach a word search. At first glance it’s a tumbled mess that doesn’t seem to make much sense. Then, as we begin to work from our list, words start to form. Often, we are searching for a particular word and we stumble upon another word that we need. If you’re like me, you might try to get through the list in order, searching for one word at a time. Or you might just stare with your face in the book trying to find any word that jumps out. Real word enthusiasts might press themselves to dig deeper for the meanings of words using a dictionary while the search.

When Norman E. Gibat invented the first word search, people may have looked at him like he was crazy, wondering who would spend hours at a time finding hidden words in a puzzle. That is probably what my grandmother would think of social media – such a waste of time. To some extent I agree that all the ridiculous forwards and the insipidness of most posts is annoying. To ensure that social media remains a valuable networking tool, we have to personalize our interactions and guard against vapidnesss.

How do you approach your social media to ensure that you are finding meaning? ~ Jules

2 thoughts on “The Search for Social Media Meaning

  1. Your use of the word vapidness here gives me hope for the future. Great post.

    I treat social media like search engine marketing and search engine optimization sans algorithms. That is, I look for keywords in the context of a larger public relations and/or communications narrative tying to my ideas of effective social media. I think of these tools as signposts on the path to more effective engagement with target audiences. I derive the meaning to which you allude from response sets including comments and retweets. That and a dose of common sense. I mean, I’m not sending my credit card information to my now deceased Nigerian uncle to receive my inheritance. Not without proof, that is.

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