social media holiday gift I learned something recently that changed the way I view everything, including how I will use social media in 2011.

I have spent hour upon endless hour in 2010 texting, typing and tweeting in an effort to understand social media, continue to advise my clients on its benefits, and to build a community of like minded professionals that I could engage with and learn from.

I have friends, followers and connections galore and have been satisfied with my online success. I adhere to the 80/20 rule and make sure that I respond to everyone who engages me – sending advice, pithy comments and hilarious* tweets out to the Ethernet, all in hopes of increasing my…something.

The problem is that while I was spending so much time being super cool online, I missed a major Facebook post.

You see, someone that I adore, who was a true friend to me when we worked together (and one of the funniest ladies I ever met) has a beautiful little girl who is battling cancer. This was going on for months before I even noticed. Her daughter, the same age as my oldest son, is a breathtakingly gorgeous girl, who by all accounts will be as smart and witty as her mama.

How they have gotten through this can only be the work of God. Medical doctors heal bodies, but love from families and communities heal people. Both Mother and Daughter are exhausted, but triumphant, sharing each new day with friends and family through a great site called Caring Bridge. I know that this type of story plays out in families around the world. The difference is that now I have the technology to be a supporter and a healer, even if we are states away.

But here’s my problem: I didn’t even notice this was happening. I was so tuned in to following my thought leaders, I forgot to follow my Grinchy little heart.

So I don’t give a rip about trends for 2011. I don’t care about my personal or professional successes of the year.  I don’t want to highlight my favorite or most read blog posts. The only thing I want for Christmas is for that wonderful little girl to be well enough to be home with her mommy for the holidays.

When 2010 started, my social media heart was three sizes too small. After finding out about my friend, I thought of something I hadn’t before! I stood puzzling and puzzling: How could it be so? It came without texts! It came without tags! It came without media packages, iPads or swag-bags! Maybe social media klout doesn’t come from a tweet. Maybe social media…perhaps…means a little bit more.

Merry Christmas, cherished readers  – being here with you has made my year! All the best from my fully engaged heart,


2014 Update: My friend’s daughter is doing well and is in remission. My friend is still super funny!

14 thoughts on “My Little Grinchy Social Media Heart

  1. Brings a smile and a tear, all in the same post! Not only brilliant, but really sweet. Kudos to you for – dare I say? – “keeping it real.” The most magical of holiday seasons to you!


    1. That’s one of the nicest things anyone has ever said to me, Paul. Thank you. Your loyalty in supporting your online friends is amazing!



  2. Thanks for this touching post – really puts things into perspective, doesn’t it? Hope your holidays – including Christmas – are full of joy and that 2011 is full of promise.


    1. Thanks R. That’s very nice of you to say. I agree, there is so much more than social media. It’s all about really looking at life…not just work. Happy Holidays! Thanks for being here. ~ Jules


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