Does this bikini come with a personal trainer?

“A girl in a bikini is like having a loaded pistol on your coffee table — there’s nothing wrong with them, but it’s hard to stop thinking about it.”— Garrison Keillor

One of my favorite Seinfield episodes is Summer of George. Just thinking about that scene makes me a little nutty – it’s hilarious, but also cringe-worthy because I have an abnormal fear of June Bugs. When George freaks out about the bug, I totally get where he is coming from. A June Bug attack is enough to send me indoors for days.

But not this summer! I am going to test the theory of the 4-Hour Work Week. I am escaping my office (more on that later), living the mobile lifestyle, and leaving my schedule behind. This is the Summer of Jules! 

I will stop and smell the roses as I walk my children to the park. I will sip yummy beverages as I people watch from cafes and coffee shops. I will wear a bikini in public.

You see, I am lucky. I did not graduate from an Ivy League school where I was funneled into a six-figure income and an 80-hour work week. No, no…I am free to pursue work/life balance. I am free to find meaning and value in my work, instead of plodding along to a corporate drumbeat in exchange for a measly paycheck. I am free to be one with the universe – where all I do, think, and say reflect back to me in a pool of glorious light.

OK, actually, I probably won’t be seeing any pools of glorious light. Maybe the pool at the Y, if I am lucky. But I am taking a new approach this summer. My life has changed drastically the past few months and instead of pulling the covers over my head and waiting for things to get back to normal (standard Jules), I am embracing change.

First up: a blog a day summer marathon. Last year I took the summer off and kept my technology checked at the pool house door. This summer, it is all about engagement. The Summer of Jules is the summer of connection – online and in real life.

So, let’s talk! What are your summer plans? Where do you need help? How are you staying connected in this topsy-turvy world? ~ Jules

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