I think the economy is making people do weird things. I am not a financial gal – in fact, Accounting was the only class I ever failed. Twice. But I will die trying. I used to read several financial or money related magazines every month to help shore up that weak area of my brain, but I don’t have those subscriptions any more. They were among the first items to go in the Great Belt Tightening. I read online when I can and the recent article by Rana Foroohar has me feeling a bit green.

I am haunted by Foroohar’s phrase: [we are in an] …unemployment crisis that threatens to create a lost generation of workers who can’t find good jobs and may never find them.  I see this every day talking to people – from family members to strangers at the store. This failed economy has implications that go far beyond loss of financial stability.

The area I see it most is with struggling companies. With so many people out of work and with traditional job searches going on for months upon months there are legions of professionals that have launched their own companies – from start-ups, to consulting, to brick and mortars. I watch this wearily because I do not think that many previously well-employed people have the wherewithal to successfully launch new companies. (I promise, the irony is not lost on me here.)

Time and time again, I watch people launch companies with zero marketing – zero research, zero budget, zero planning. Just because you are unemployed does not mean you are an entrepreneur, but I so very much identify with the reasons behind it. I want to be supportive and I want to help. If you know someone who is struggling and they need a bit of advice, please have them call me. I can’t promise anything but I will sleep better knowing that they have a bit of help as they go forth and prosper.

Keep on keeping on,


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