This is a fictionalization of a painfully true story: PR Abbott & Costello style.

Client: We need some help with A, B, and C.

Me: I can do that. Let me put together a proposal for A, B, and C, and I am going to add D and E for your consideration.

Client: We like the proposal for ABCDE and but we need the fee to be $1, instead of $2.

Me: Great. Let me scale back hours to get it to $1, then I’ll get started on ABCDE.

Client: [After starting ABCDE] We actually only need A & B.

Me: OK, I’ll stop work on C, D and E, focusing on A & B.

Client: [Two weeks later] Actually, just A please.

Me: Just A. Got it! [Wow, that’s a lot less than ABCDE]

…A month later…

Me: Here is my invoice for work [starts & stops included] for ABCDE.

Clients bookkeeper: We are not paying for your services per Client Manager because you didn’t do X, Y and Z.

Me: [In an email] Dear Client & Client Manager, I understand that you need help with X, Y and Z in addition to A and B…blah, blah, blah…I have already started A……here’s my report…I might suggest moving forward with A and B…more blah, blah, blah.

Client’s Manager: We probably are not paying you for A, but when can you meet to discuss going forward with X, Y and Z.


Yes, that’s right; nothing. I am completely confused! I’m not getting paid for A, but let’s move forward with X, Y and Z? Did I do a bad job at A? What happened to B? And if we did C, D and E, would A and B be for successful? Why does Client want A, but Client Manager wants X, Y and Z? Who shot JR? Who is final decision maker? Since X, Y and Z do not reach same audiences as A, why are we adding that before we finished A and B?

This is how it goes sometimes and my only consolation is to cheer myself up with a little A & C.

~ Jules

One thought on “Who’s On First, PR Style

  1. I hate to read this… I thought it just happens sometimes to me, but as I see it’s a common problem :-)))

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