I am watching and wondering about mistakes today. PR agencies getting fired for bad tweets; companies going into crisis mode over a hoax; readers believing that everything they read on the internet is true and responding as such.

I am watching and wondering: What if mistakes were not fatal?

What if companies apologized and moved on without firing the person responsible for the stupid tweet? What if clients kept working with the agency after they chose a course of action that did not represent the client well? What if public figures were asked to stay in office after making a huge public gaffe?

What if mistakes became a lesson rather than an ending? I am going to share some of my blunders with you as a way of honoring my mistakes. And I would love to hear some of yours.

  1. I should have studied harder for that final.
  2. I should have prepared better for that move.
  3. I should have said no to that date.
  4. I should have taken that job.
  5. I should have listened to my fear.
The problem is, that with all of those “mistakes” I became the person that I am today – personally and professionally. And if I had not made those mistakes, I would not have: found my career, had the chance to live in L.A., met my spouse, avoided a job that would have later killed me, the opportunity to be with you today.
I am a perfectionist. I hate mistakes. I flip out when I make them. Yet, so many great things have come from my mistakes. Congratulations on all of your failures.
~ Jules

3 thoughts on “Mistakes Happen

  1. A profound post! It seems that companies are so quick to pull the trigger (literally!) on transgressors – as a way to quell public opinion. But how much does the company learn itself? That by making the mistake disapper everything can go back to normal? Hardly.

  2. Why people love someone to get fired? Because people are bad! 🙂 They love to see “blood” being spread which firing represents.
    I agree with You that mistakes are knowledge and people that never make mistakes are probably not wiser. Of course You have to take a lesson from Your mistakes and apologize for them, but still I would prefer to have a product manager that made a few mistakes than one that never made any. The first got some lessons and will be alert. The second might make the first big one on me 🙂

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