Conventional wisdom for bloggers is that you have to write often (ideally adhering to a schedule or editorial calendar) in order gain a successful following.

With blogging experts suggesting anywhere from once a day to once per week, the idea is that you have to write, write, write if you want people to read, read, read.

Always being one to push the envelope a bit, I did the unthinkable: I stopped blogging for 12 weeks, opting to spend my summer attending to clients and playing with my kids. My fear was, of course, that I would go from a small following to no following.

My creative work-around (since I couldn’t just stop blogging without some explanation – that would be crazy) was to riff on the old television network system of reruns, which I loved as a kid. Summer meant you could enjoy the best of your favorite show, while you waited for new installments; hence, the PR from A to Z Group PR Best of the Blog Summer Siesta was born.

With a few clicks, I was able to repurpose the top 12 blog posts of the previous few months as scheduled posts to the Z Group PR Facebook Fan Page. Those that subscribe were notified of the Summer Siesta, but new readers received a summer full of PR posts that were all new to them. (I made sure to use the “timeless” posts, so that topics, like client relations, would still be relevant.)

Now, I know all about measurement because I am required to do it for my clients, but frankly, the goal of my blog has not been to grow a massive following. The goal is to noodle with the format, communicate with those that share an interest in PR, find people that can teach me more about my profession, and possibly help those that may benefit from the knowledge I have. I rarely read my blog stats, but I did track them to see how my Summer Siesta affected the numbers. Here’s what I saw:

  • In the 12 weeks of reruns (with no new content), I had more visitors than I did in the first 12 weeks of my blog’s existence (with all new content).
  • During the slowest month of the Summer Siesta, I had 33% less visits than I did in the busiest month of the blog – which was February. I guess I was inside a lot over the winter.
  • Over the course of the 12 weeks of non-blogging, I wrote 6 new blog posts, read 200 articles, 6 business books, and 4 novels. Additionally, I potty-trained a toddler, went to Disneyland, took approximately 17 naps and exercised 50 times.

*NOTE: I have not calculated the benefits of the reduced stress that was enjoyed by not meeting a schedule or the increased knowledge that I was able to absorb by filling my free time with reading.

Blogging gurus may still insist that you post early and often, but Jules’ Rules suggests that taking time off to reflect and refine your blog is equally rewarding. One of my favorite blog consultants, Mack Collier agrees with me to some extent.

“…One of the best blogging lessons I learned early on was to keep my mouth shut if I didn’t have anything compelling to blog about.  IMO it’s better to make your readers wait another day or 2 for a good blog post, than to give them a mediocre blog post today.”

Well, you know me…give me a day or 2 and I’ll take 12 weeks!

PR from A to Z Group PR returns today with regular programming – which means whenever I have something to say – refreshed and rejuvenated after a much needed vacation.

Thanks for being here.

~ Jules

15 thoughts on “Are You Over Blogging?

  1. Really interesting to see how you can stay on people’s radar with a bit of judicious recycling of posts! I often get worried if I go a week without posting. Good bit of blogging myth busting here Jules!

  2. Hey Jules, thanks for the mention 😉 That’s really interesting that repurposing old content did so well with traffic. I have been considering doing that a bit this month since I won’t have a lot of blogging time this month. Thanks for the encouragement!

    1. Surprise…you’re quoted. 😉 I really had no idea where it would go, but I just needed to focus on other things, so the reruns seemed like the best way to do it. I really thought it would turn out worse, so it’s good news to me. Not sure I could get away with it again.
      Thanks for being here!
      ~ Jules

  3. Hi Jules ~ I would simply clarify that I was only on a few people’s radar to begin with, but the reposts worked and helped me populate my FB Fan page and get cozier with that group, so all in all, it was a great slacker effort.

    Thanks for being here.

  4. Ah ok, interesting. I’m probably in the same boat anyway, as I blog in a very narrow niche: train travel. I’ll join your fb page too if you point me to it. Done ok at getting joiners but often find interaction on it is like pulling teeth!
    (Oh and note my alt spelling – jools as in Holland)

  5. And a hearty welcome back to Boise’s Finest. As a PR pro second and a writer first, I’ve used my blog for everything from discourses on the efficacy of integrated marketing communications to short story writing. Perhaps I don’t have the following that might accrue to me by sticking to a specific topic but I wouldn’t have the joy that attends on experimenting with different voices in a variety of contexts, either. Folks’re welcome to stop by. Indeed, I’ve gotten more traffic from my association with the PR Road Show and my Twitter feed than with the blog exclusively. The three deployed in tandem, however, are enormously effective. Thanks for the great post.

    1. Thank you so much! (For the compliment and for coming back.) It’s great to be back. I love a little blog writing to start the week off right.

      The vacation not only allowed me to create more spare time, it helped me noodle with how (and if) I was going to proceed with the blog. I’m not a thought leader, probably never will be an influencer, I refuse to be an expert (I still have too much to learn), so it boils down to this: I want to share the experiences that I have working in PR with those that can benefit. Over time, I have found that I keep repeating the same advice over and over, so new posts will include a Jules’ Rules blurb. Eventually, I can just stop answering questions and point everyone to the blog. 😉 (kidding).

      And, great info on PR Road Show. We’re warming up the bus and should be on the road soon. I’ll spend time with the group tomorrow.

      ~ Jules

  6. Hey Jules, it is great to have you back. Those are some interesting stats regarding your blog.

    I took a shorter break from blogging this summer, but no doubt taking a break from something so deadline driven can be a huge benefit.

    But more important that any of that…is congrats on the potty-training. Now that is big. I can’t believe that I just typed ‘potty’

    1. HI there ~ It’s good to be back. I am not promising anything as exciting as your super cool 4 way blog series [] but I am refreshed and focused. I have a lot to share, I am going to lay down some Jules Rules, and I want to interact with more PR people, like you.

      I’m off to a good re-start and I am glad you are here.

      ~ J
      PS. I am sorry I made you say the ‘P’ word online. I will make a contribution to your therapy if needed 😉

    1. Thanks. You may use it. If it’s Jool’s Rules, you don’t even have to pay a licencing fee.

      You know, I just had a birthday and I am feeling a little old, so I decided I can start laying down some rules. Additionally, I find myself repeating the same advice and suggestions over and over again. I have peeked behind the curtain of so many organizations, I just feel like I have enough experience in *some* areas to set for a few rules. I’ll post them all soon and I will be looking for your feedback.

      Thanks for being here.
      ~ Jules

  7. Nice topic! About three weeks ago, I moved my blogging site from to I’ve been working on blogging five times a week.

    I find that my former site still gets more traffic, in large part because it has more of a history with search engines. People seem to be migrating quickly to the new site, though, and I think part of it is because of increased frequency.

    I’ve moved some of my former content over. When I finally shut down the old site, I don’t want to lose the posts that get the most traffic.

    Thanks again for the post.

    1. Wow, 5 times per week!?! I am impressed Peter.

      I think that a lot of advice in communications, especially social media related, is anecdotal (as in based on personal or random observations, rather than scientific evaluation.) Of course there is an art and finesse to PR as well as social media, but a lot of what is being pushed out is repeats of what some “influencer” said once upon a time. I am not saying they are wrong and I right, I just wanted to experience it for myself and the results are interesting.

      Thanks for visiting.
      ~ Jules

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