In November we talk a lot about giving thanks. It’s the time of year where we are thankful for the bounty we have enjoyed throughout the seasons. We give thanks to God, our higher power, or those around us that have helped make our lives beautiful.

It is also the time where we give. We start to think about all that we have and are thankful for and then quickly move to finding ways that we can give back so that others may experience wonderful blessings. It is the season when food banks are flush with donated turkeys and hams and gift baskets are purchased for the homeless and needy families.

In business we donate to charities, raise money for non-profits and send our clients baskets filled with treats to show our appreciation and to give thanks for the work we have accomplished over the year.

This year I would like to start a new Thanksgiving tradition: Giving up.

Yes, I wish that more people had the ability to give up. Just stop trying. Yes, actually give up. Not give up on hopes and dreams and plans, but to give up the control. Give up the coiffed public image and simply engage. Give up the need to be right all the time and to only have successes. Give up controlling your employees to the point where you have sapped every last creative spark out of their being. Give up insisting that every message be approved by you and only you. Give up having to agree with every new suggestion and solution. Give up trying to control your business and just run your business. Give up thinking that you know what your customers want and just listen to them while they tell you what they want. Give up being profitable and just be creative and interesting and valuable.

Yes, give up. Give up on all the old ways that you have been taught to market and succeed and prosper. When you do that, I believe you will free up just enough time and space to create many more things to be thankful for and many more opportunities to give.

Wishing you a season of blessings and the courage to give up.

All the best,


PS. Want to know what I am giving up in business?

4 thoughts on “Don’t Give Thanks. Give Up.

  1. Happy Thanks Giving My Dear!
    Your personal and spiritual growth shines through in this blog. I am positive that many will resonate with the sentiment which you have shared in this offering! Those in customer service, as we all are, ought to truly take your message to heart! Thank you for having the courage to speak your truth! I am one who completely agrees with your sentiment! Much love and many blessings to you and yours! Keep up the good work!

  2. Jules! It’s been awhile since I’ve visited – and of course, love this post. Being selfless in a selfish society is hard to do…but I love the way you approach it. Having a strong inner core allows others around you to grow.

    Thanks for sharing…as usual…and yeah, I want to know what you’re giving up in business!

    1. Hello Elisa ~ Thanks so much for visiting. I miss you!

      Yes, I think the companies that are going to come out of this economy and the newness of social media stronger and more stable are the ones that loosened their ties a little, rolled up their sleeves and sat around singing Kumbaya with their stakeholders. If people do not get off of their To Do lists and profit spreadsheets and really get into each other, they will miss what is really exciting and powerful about their business.

      OK, so here is what I am giving up: Being in the know. I just can’t tweet and text and post and blog and comment and pitch and influence and engage and chat and vlog and market and think all day every day. Thinking that I can do it all makes me feel like I suck at this, so I am giving up. Totally giving up the idea that through technology I can know everyone, and follow trends and be a trailblazer. But you probably knew that already, right?

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