Time is moneyMy son received a vintage-style Monopoly game for Christmas. He was thrilled. The Richie Nana always sends great gifts that tickle my kids’ funny bone and keep their little minds working.

During the first game he plunked down every bit of brightly colored money he had to buy Boardwalk and Park Place. Then he went into debt waiting for people to land on them. (I tried to cheat, but they can all count.) He was heartbroken. He had the best, most expensive properties and still lost all his money. I said, “Don’t worry honey, I’ve met tons of real business people that toss all their money into a venture only to see it fail.” He recovered and has been kicking our butts ever since. Now he knows how much he needs to get by on for a few turns while he waits for others to make his investment worthwhile.

It took him one game. He’s 9. Why are there so many much older, real-life business people who haven’t learned that lesson?

At least once a month, I receive a call from a desperate business owner that never considered setting aside money to actually market their fabulous new product. The stories are sad, but too many smart, talented people are losing their shirts for this to be random.

So, since I am still full of yule-tide cheer and I have taken the time to complain about it, I’m going to put my money where my mouth is and offer free PR to anyone who needs help. I’m not going to do the work for you, but I’ll help you create a plan and tell you what you need to do to implement it. There’s one caveat – you have to contact me before you launch. That’s right – I want people who have actually anticipated the need for marketing of some type.

Taking the time to pencil out a marketing plan may be overwhelming and time consuming, but a business won’t survive without it. I hate to know there are businesses failing that I may have helped.

I have great clients and I get paid to do the thing I love most. I have so much to be thankful, so this year, I’m paying it forward: Free PR consulting is just a phone call away. Now, maybe I can stop investing in Kleenex.

Happy New Year! ~ Jules

5 thoughts on “Free PR is Only A Call Away

  1. I refuse to do anything for free. My genius is such that everyone should be required to pay me for the privilege of reading my writing.

    I hope the sarcasm was obvious. This kind of altruism could work well for small- to mid-size companies looking for a leg up in promoting and widening the reach of their brands. Here’s hoping some enterprising startup has the sense to take advantage of your extraordinarily generous offer.

    Great post. But who’s counting?

    1. Thank you Benjamin. Actually, it’s more of a dare than a generous offer. So many companies are completely unaware of what their communications efforts could or should be. I don’t have all the answers, but it floors me how few leaders are asking the questions. And why the ones who are start asking at the end.

      I’d pay for your writing. It’s just that I don’t have a marketing budget. 🙂

      Thanks for being here.

  2. This is a very interesting blog. Why? Because it demonstrates the power of “netweaving” as opposed to just “networking.” Here you are willing to reach out to other folks…FIRST. What is that? It’s The Golden Rule applied to business. It’s win/win. It makes perfect sense – especially when your target market figures out it is their best interest to participate with you. I wish you tremendous success and invite you to learn to “sparkle” by seeing what others are doing along this same line at http://www.budurl.com/Sparklers.

    1. Netweaving – I love it! Thanks so much for stopping by Lamar. I have always felt that I am a good networker, but it is more than that, now I just have to be a good citizen. There is so much pain and confusion out there. There’s not much I can do after the fact, but where possible, I’d like to help.

      Happy New Year!
      ~ Jules

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