public relations is bondingPeople ask me what PR really means for organizations now: Is it social media marketing, influencing communities, creating online content? Yes, it’s all of those, but to me, PR is branding. We have shifted into this new communications model and to be successful we need to focus on creating dialog.

If you are not talking, they are not listening. If you are not branding, they’re not bonding.

Without that relationship clients, customers and stakeholders begin to slip away. We are in a relationship economy. Branding and bonding need to happen.

Luckily that’s what I love to do: help people, organizations and companies have conversations. We talk. You listen. You talk back. We listen some more. My happy work continues.

Brands are like people; they need to communicate, listen and respond. Brands need to have character and to create feelings in others and make people respond. You might do that online via social media or through a town hall meeting, but if you are not having conversations, you’re not branding.

I often have a hard time showing the business side of branding, but then my friend and client Phil Eastman of Leadership Advisors Group shared this branding Slideshare presentation. This makes it click for me.

Now, let’s talk about your brand.