This is a representation of a message I received recently from a person I have never met and am not connected with in any way. This has not be edited and the typos and blanks were there. 

Hi.I\’m just following suggestions here so please bare with me. Thank You ahead of time. Sorry for the mass message. Can you please take a moment and leave me a quick professional rating here: [link to random URL that gives no information on what she/he is asking me to click on.]

This is the follow-up response when I inquired about the purpose of the message (edited to protect his/her identity):

I feel awful about sending this out, actually someone in my linked in network sent it to me, and me being an ignorant networking and marketing dummy, I didn’t realize it would go to people I didn’t know or knew nothing about me and my business. I need help! Thank you and I am sorry about sending that to you and all the others. I need to be more savvy about marketing on a THIN dime.

So, here was my response (edited):

Yes, yes and yes.

Yes, you do need to become more educated about networking, marketing and social media. It is not hard, but that’s like a nurse telling me that it’s not hard to draw blood. I have never done it, I am afraid of it, and I don’t want to hurt my relationship with others – so to me, of course it’s hard!

I am a marketing consultant, and to me PR seems easy. That’s why I am nice to people who make mistakes. You can learn, but please take your time and go slow. Mass emailing people rarely works, so you need to focus on developing targeted messages to audiences who opt-in (Google that phrase, it’s an important term, legally and professionally.)

Yes, you need to know how to target network. The splatter effect worked well for Jackson Pollock, but does not go over well in business marketing. At the beginning, as much time as you spend on your core business/organization you need to spend on your networking and marketing. Not easy if you work full-time, right? That’s why getting up to speed and learning what you don’t know will be so important. You need to save time and energy so that you can focus on the other important aspects of your business. You probably won’t be able to do it on a ‘thin dime,’ so until you have a budget, follow the Hippocratic Oath: First, do no harm – to your marketing and to your business relationships.

Yes, you may ask me for help and I will answer you basic questions for free any time via social media:


Just post or send a message. If social media is very confusing to you, then you need to take some free online training or pay a consultant (a good one, like me) for a plan that includes tutoring. You simply cannot gain traction if you will not learn new skills or hire a consultant/employee to manage the skills you do not have.

Let’s keep in touch. Take care. Best,

Yes, I am nice. Yes, I do offer to help solo-entreprenuers for free if they just have some simple questions. And that’s not just because I am nice or because I hate to see someone drowning when I could easily, without an impact on my resources, provide them with an oar to keep them afloat. It’s not just because I believe that Karma is a %*!@#. No, it is because it makes good business sense. Everyone once in a while, one of those soaking wet, drowning, non-business people pull it together and come back as a client. And I am the one that they call because I was nice and offered a hand when they were drowning.

Overwhelmed by your marketing? Let’s talk! ~ Jules

Jules Rules for Starting a Networking Campaign:

:: Pick ONE social media tool to learn and use at a time, adding only ONE at a time as you master each. ::

:: Ditch any social media account that you don’t get or don’t like. You can outsource marketing help in that area later. ::

:: Remember, your online networking should resemble your in-person networking. If you’re obnoxious, interrupt conversations, blurt out inappropriate things in public and the like, then go ahead and do that online. If you are quiet, relaxed and take time to get to know people, then do that online. It should be a match to your real personality. ::

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