My friend shared an article with me today called “Why PR Remains the Most Important Marketing Tool which was appropriate, since  theauthor and I both work in PR. In reality, I believe that PR is the most important marketing tool available. I find it hard constantly communicating to people (CEOs even) that say, “but what exactly is Public Relations?”

I fear that those questions are asked because we as PR professionals do not communicate the benefits of PR at the executive level. We also fail to demonstrate measurable results. One of my favorite organizations, Institute for Public Relations, publishes a number of papers related to public relations measurement. But are PR practitioners reading them? I don’t think so! If this was the case, then more companies would be deploying effective PR campaigns.

3 thoughts on “Why PR Remains the Most Important Marketing Tool

  1. Organization not only do not sometimes see the measurable results of PR, they also do not see that PR is cost effective. Over the years the professions has been given such a bad name that companies are afraid to venture out for PR help because of the association. When one problem goes wrong and a PR professional is to blame it seems as if all the negative attention is stirred. Once companies begin to see that PR is just as effective and sometimes more effective than marketing and advertising, PR will become a major asset to the company. Also saving money in the budget will make any organization appreciate what got it to that point.

  2. Ms. Shambly87 ~ Thanks and I agree. I will go to my grave with the belief that PR is MORE effective than traditional marketing and advertising. The results are there, PR pro just have to share the knowledge!

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