What will 2017 bring for agencies? This year PR is all about deeply understanding client/customer needs and niches. The noise has died down, social media is a mainstay, and developing a depth of expertise and being able to effectively communicate that and to be able to develop new business based on that expertise is critical. Across all sectors, there is a weariness about investing in social marketing. Social media will still be a large part of a company’s marketing portfolio, but the level of engagement, understanding and expertise must increase for businesses to see benefits. 

This year’s themes will be authenticity, accountability, and advertising, as most social media platforms now offer some level of sponsorship and expanding their paid advertising and promotion options to compete with each other and to create value for business owners. Understanding this technology (or hiring someone who understands it) will be important for business owners and solopreneurs. As consumers tire of social noise and react to the new promotions within the platforms, authenticity will reign supreme once again. Cluttering customers news feeds with ads and junk will not be tolerated for long, so small businesses must incorporate a sound content strategy for their social media. Lastly, the days of the Social Media Guru will be a thing of the past as social marketing is folded into the entire communications strategy and experienced managers take the reigns on managing the entire marketing portfolio.

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