My consulting firm, Z Group PR, provides agency-style public relations at a micro-level for entrepreneurs, small businesses, non-profits, and start-ups – all with a focus on building cultures of communication.

Working at the executive level, Z Group PR brings all departments and functions together to establish a solid marketing foundation. Unlike the typical agency format, Z Group PR clients receive expert-level consultation throughout the entire process. By creating and implementing the PR Process, Z Group PR creates teams that communicate and support goal-focused marketing programs. (Click here to learn more.)

Z Group PR employs strategies that ensure every client benefits from the depth and breadth of our experience during every step of the process. Using measurable goals to unite communications programs and business results, Z Group PR clients now have an adviser and a strategic partner in ensuring that communications objectives are surpassed.

Z Group PR has had the pleasure of working with amazing companies – from advanced golf technology manufacturers to interactive health and wellness websites, to wineries. We have helped public agencies communicate the value of water conservation and have guided 50-year-old non-profits to full social media engagement. From increasing awareness to writing captivating stories, we were there every step of the way as our clients begin to assess, create, engage, influence, lead, respond and succeed!

Reaching the right audience with the right message, Z Group PR’s integrated partner approach leverages our efforts for maximum results that efficiently translates into increased media coverage, enhanced social media engagement, robust business development and broader brand awareness for our clients. Let’s talk! We would love to help you with PR.

By consistently providing communications marketing that changes organizations and how they market, from the inside out, Z Group PR increases value and deliver bottom-line results. Although Public Relations is not a new service, Z Group PR has a unique process and focuses on delivering agency style communications strategies to entrepreneurs, start-ups, and small businesses. Z Group PR provides communications solutions on time, within budget, and on target, with results that exceed your expectations.

You can learn more about hiring me for coaching or consulting or read about The PR Method that I developed after consulting for over 100 clients, my approach to creating cultures of communications, and how strategic PR works.