What Can CEOs, Entrepreneurs & Business Owners Learn From Colin Kaepernick and Nike | 11 Entrepreneurs Provide Insight



One thing that I have experienced throughout my career is the vast difference between executing global corporate communications versus small business marketing and what I love about CEO Blog Nation is that the blog takes major corporate issues and strategies and then filters them down to be useful for the entrepreneur or small business owner. The full article has great advice from several marketing professionals, and below is my take.

Nike is considered a bold brand but most companies prefer to be neutral and neutral means boring. Pushing back works and while this feels like too big of a push for some, it is comfortable for the sports giant. They are used to being bold and just like competitive athletes and their fans, they won’t back down.

So, if you know your core audience, as Nike does, you know that you can make decisions that might push buttons for the outliers and observers, but will ultimately resonate with your loyal customers. Nike skews young and liberal — this partnership is not shocking to their core customers.

Nike has cultivated really strong, long-term creative relationships with many athletes. They invest in people as part of their brand and in turn, they can weather any small Twitter storms together.

As a recap, here is what we learned from the Nike/Kaepernick partnership and what it means for small business marketing:

  1. Be bold
  2. Know your core customer
  3. Invest in your relationships
  4. Some issues transcend business interest
  5. Be true to your brand and ideals
  6. Stand firmly behind your brand
  7. Stand up for core values, no matter what
  8. Think strategically
  9. Take a stand
  10. Follow your sales
  11. Win at marketing
  12. Embrace yourself and your values proudly
  13. Put your money where their swoosh/mouth is