byeAdiós. Adieu. Au Revoir. Aloha. Arrivederci. Ciao. Bon Voyage. Sayonara. Farewell. Goodbye. Cheers. Z Group PR out!

What started as the scariest presentation of my life – pitching the CEO of a start-up golf manufacturing company – has now come to its best, natural conclusion. I have wrapped up all of my freelance work and this is my last Z Group PR email. While I am sad to say goodbye, I am thrilled that I will be just a click away making PR magic for Swyft.

Please know that I always want to answer your communications questions and brainstorm with you, so please reach out to me on my social networks or connect directly via email at anytime. And if you are going to miss my fun marketing shares, please do sign up for the Swyft newsletter: You will get to know my marketing team and the creative ways we are working with clients and approaching the B2B tech industry.

This has been a grand adventure!

So much love and gratitude,