I was shocked when I posted a LinkedIn Expert article where I was listed as the top expert comment (yay me!) on the Wayfair social media crisis and about half of the posted responses were horrible political comments that had nothing to do with the topic at hand (oh, never mind).

(Note: Those comments were deleted, so sorry, all you get is the professional PR conversation.)

What surprised me is that so many people thought that a 1,000 employees making a very public stand against their company and launching a walk-out was not news, and in fact, those employees should be fired for disrupting business. {Please note: This is a PR post, not a political post. If you get political, I will get assy.}

As a public relations practitioner, my nightmares are made up of such things as negative publicity; angry, chanting employees; opposition social media profiles that are followed by tens of thousands of people within hours. So, with all of this confusion weighing on my mind, I brought it to my roundtable: PrimeTimePRchat.

As expected, there was a robust discussion around corporate ethics related to public relations, our roles as practitioners, brand values and consumer expectations, and the whole mess of digital disasters that we are likely in charge of preventing or mending.

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