For #PrimeTimePRchat on Tuesday we offered real advice for PR grads, on the off chance that they are not aware that PR is not all glamour and “long boozy lunches.”

We started with what public relations is not:

  • There’s no plan for daily or even weekly liquid lunches.
  • The other marketing disciplines, such as graphic and website design, are not PR.
  • Spraying and praying out a bunch of press releases is not PR.
  • The idea of the ‘perfect PR person‘ does not exist.

We did come up with a few solid points on what is PR:

  • Building stories and long-form narratives.
  • Building relationships – internally and externally.
  • Internships create valuable experience for young professionals.
  • PR is a creative field that still relies on great writing and critical thinking skills.
  • The roles vary greatly by industry and organization, but the key tenets of good PR are always the same.
  • Being a lifelong learner is key to success in PR.

We know that the PR industry and media, in general, have a trust issue, so we all have to work together to ensure honesty, transparency, and thoughtful delivery of our services. The industry is struggling with burnout and we have a tendency to over-work our early professionals. If we want to keep the momentum going, we have to create excellent work cultures.

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