We got to spend some time with one of my favorite Twitter friends, Keith R. Pillow (@CaddyMarketing) who owns Caddy Marketing, an integrated marketing consulting firm focused on branding, public relations, and social media strategies for SMBs. We share the same birthday, so as a verified Virgos, we see things the same way most of the time. He offered to be my guest on PrimeTimePRchat because, like me, he loves storytelling and brand-building. 

David Fouse, dding storytelling to the thought leadership mix, “s a partner and lead strategist at a public relations firm, he has seen firsthand how effective storytelling can grow a brand.”

We all love a good story, and research shows that conducting media relations through the lens of storytelling provides optimal results. ~ Matt Charles, APR

We wanted to discuss storytelling in public relations specifically because one, it’s become the new (old) buzzword and while it has always been a key part of PR (which we learned recently never really changes) it is important to understand storytelling in today’s digital marketplace.

When the “USC Center for Public Relations recently released it’s Global Communications Report 2017, including the communications trends PR executives believe will be the most important in the next five years…the top three trends identified by the report were:

  1. Digital storytelling
  2. Social listening
  3. Social purpose

Agencies find themselves hard-pressed to rethink their roles in the marketing ecosystem–but, just as importantly, they also need to rethink the roles within their four walls.

The Chief Storyteller. The art of storytelling will continue to be an integral function of agencies, but will be different from the traditional creative lane we’re used to swimming in.” ~ Marco Scognamiglio

So, what makes a great #PR story?

We know everyone is crazy for content and that driving the need for better stories. But are we missing out on great storytelling by trying to publish constantly? Are we too focused on sales & marketing?

“The heart of a PR agency should be driven by content.” ~

Asif Upadhye, SPRD

We can’t talk about anything in marketing without talking about data. Is data storytelling really a thing now?

PR Daily recently shared these “10 spellbinding examples of social media storytelling,” and the group agreed, the examples are spot on.

The Drum PR Awards 2019 Chair of the judging panel, Michelle Lavipour, global head of brand communications at Diageo, says that the entries that impressed her were those that clearly defined objectives, set out a compelling strategy, showed creativity and demonstrated results beyond column inches alone.

“The best entries demonstrated how the most effective PR professionals are excelling at a broad range of communication disciplines, fully embracing a multichannel world and have an increasing focus on rigorous measurement.” ~ Michelle Lavipour

Michelle Lavipour summarized storytelling in PR as described by the award selection process:

“The standout entries also confirmed that at its heart PR remains what it has always been – great storytelling that cuts through the noise.”