For this week’s PrimeTimePR chat we discussed social media and specifically, how and why we use it for PR (with the burning question of why some communicators simply are not that good at it.) We know communicators use social media for engagement, the 24/7 news cycle, customers, and professional connections. How do you use it and tell us the details of your use.

I actually found an old article that states 10 reasons why business professionals should not use social media. Are any of these valid and if so why?

Ten Reasons I Won’t Use Social Media Sites

Looking at the insane statistics we made some 2020 predictions about what’s going to change, what will shift, what will stay the same, what new things can we look forward to?

My prediction is that the PR strategist’s role will definitively start to include social responsibility and it will come closer to the core of what we do. It’s complicated enough that it can’t be ignored or super delegated. My other prediction is that AI/VR will stall for the majority of brands, especially B2C as adoption will be slower than the hype. The CMO role will oversee this and it will roll into marketing as part of advertising before PR adopts it for communications.

With all the changes that are predicted and coming, is social media still best delivered via PR? If so, what does the public relations industry need to do to catch up?