My guest this week was Ella Minty, who has 20 years of experience, both in-house and in a consultancy capacity, for private and government organizations in almost 40 countries across the world. She’s written academic courses and delivered numerous workshops on issues, crises, and reputation management.

Ella is a management consultant, specializing in issues, crisis, risk and reputation management. She is also the Workshop Lead for Robert Gordon University’s CIPR Crisis (Response) Communication Diploma.

Our topic was crises and reputation management and how PR practitioners become fully comfortable with handling any type of issue, reputation threat or crisis without thinking “media relations” and “digital” first. Ella believes that an in-house communications team or public relations agency needs to do more than just “social listening” and “media ops” during a crisis. She described the more and how an organization knows if their team can handle it.

How do you assess an agency or staffs’ ability to think on their feet and apply their knowledge in any type of crisis that a client or employer might face?

How do you verify the viability of an organization’s issues and provide risk analysis?

Ella talks about disinformation, public data, and information manipulation, and how competitor attacks have made it very easy to destroy anyone’s reputation and reputations can’t be trusted anymore. What can we do?

Anyone who follows Ella knows that she is very passionate about the ongoing conversation about ethics in PR. As a practice, we are more divided than ever. It is not the skills we need or lack that divide us – ethics does.

Here are her recommendations around ethics in public relations:

You can check out the entire conversation at #PrimeTimePRchat on Twitter.