Krisjan Hiner is one of my favorite marketing people and over the years we’ve become good friends, mostly because we see the world through the same marketing lens and simply cannot understand all the ways that people avoid and fail at marketing. I called him my marketing alter-ego when we sat down for my Prime Time PR chat.

We seem to hold a lot of the same opinions on how marketing should be done and why marketing should be at the center of an organization. I call it creating a culture of communication, which he has done with his company, Stack Rock Group. I wish you all could have been in the room with us because one, we are hilarious, and two, chatting in person encouraged so much conversation that happened off-line.

Krisjan and I have both worked within the A/E/C world and loath its traditional approach to marketing.

And A/E/C firms are not alone. Many B2B sectors are not very adept at marketing, as my friend Caddy Marketing noted.

So when Krisjan talks about starting his company as a marketer with his partner Will, he talks about it being a Marketing company that does Landscape Architecture. This approach has landed national clients, such as HP, and massive growth in just seven years.

My conversation with Krisjan was very satisfying because he confirmed what I am always saying: Successful companies have marketing at the core (a culture of communications) and it holds a leadership role.

You can learn more about what’s happening with Krisjan and the A/E/C world by reading The Constructivist.