SSU-2019_Header-Logo-2The Social Shake-Up Show is the “only social media conference of its kind in the world —focused on using social media to “shake up” your brand, your sales, your customer engagement.” Now that is an idea that I can get behind!

I was super excited when asked me to come aboard as a writer for The Social Shake-Up Show website and What’s Shakin’ blog. I think they mentioned my “sass” and my ability to speak frankly as positives — something that does not happen very often. In a world where everyone wants to say yes just to be nice, it’s great to have a place where I can write authentically on topics that are important to public relations and social media marketers.

Enjoy my recent articles and so many others contributed by professionals who are shaking things up!


2020 Social Media Predictions

{The Social Shake-Up}

5 Strategies for Taming the Content Beast

{The Social Shake-Up}

What’s Getting in the Way of Solid Digital Media Relations?

{The Social Shake-Up}

5 Productivity Hacks for the Social Media Army of One

{The Social Shake-Up}

5 Must-Haves for B2B Social Media Marketing

{The Social Shake-Up}

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