Sometimes creative agencies need the help of a public relations professional to come in as an expert consultant and client advisor.

What is the missing piece for your agency?

Agency life is exciting, but it is hard! Clients need attention, phones are ringing, teams are buzzing, employees are juggling competing projects and deadlines – all while attempting to stay relevant in a highly competitive 24/7 media landscape.

pexels-photo-1068523Hiring me to consult for your agency means that I bring a fresh perspective, a voice of reason, and many years of experience as an advisor. I help move teams, projects, and clients forward, with a focus on building your culture of communication. Working at the executive level, I can bring all departments and functions together to establish a solid communications foundation to launch new ideas, secure new clients, and bring new client projects to life.

How to Make a PR Consultant + Client Love Connection

While supporting the typical public relations agency format (which I know well, I’ve worked with several agencies) my clients have as a resource an independent management consultant and team leader with the specific experience that agencies need as increasingly sophisticated clients demand more creativity, results, and efficiency.

I work throughout the entire creative process, employing strategies that ensure every customer, client, partner, and employee of your agency is benefiting from the depth and breadth of your experience and my experience during every step of the process.

Using measurable goals to unite communications programs and business results, PR agencies now have an adviser and a strategic partner in ensuring that communications objectives are surpassed for the agency and the clients they serve. Reaching the right audience with the right message, my integrated partner approach leverages your efforts for maximum results that efficiently translates into increased media coverage, enhanced social media engagement, robust business development, and broader brand awareness for clients – and your agency. By consistently providing communications innovation that changes organizations and how they market, from the inside out, I can increase value and deliver bottom-line results for public relations agency clients.

img_1458I have had the pleasure of working with amazing companies – from advanced golf technology manufacturers to interactive health websites and from property technology startups to digital marketing firms. I have helped public agencies communicate the value of water conservation and have guided 50-year-old non-profits to full social media engagement. From increasing awareness to writing captivating stories, I was there every step of the way as my clients began to assess, create, engage, influence, lead, respond and succeed!

2020 List of Must-Follow PR Advice

Although public relations consulting is not a new service, I have a unique process that focuses on delivering agencies the extra bit of innovation and ideation that is needed to take the firm to the next level – on time, on budget, and on target, with results that exceed expectations.

5 ways to know if your creative agency needs a Public Relations Consultant:

  1. Your team is tired, burnout, overstretched, or under-delivering.

  2. Your clients are canceling contracts, changing agencies, or limiting their services with your firm.

  3. Your team is asking for help, running out of ideas, or not prepared to take on more work.

  4. Your clients are using several other agencies instead of maximizing the services that you offer.

  5. Your team cannot or does not go after new business and win it.

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