Here is a current list of free coronavirus crisis communications resources that I will continue to update on this page:

  1. Video: How CEOs Can Lead the Way Through a Crisis with Molly McPherson

  2. Podcast: Ms. InterPReted COVID-19 SPECIAL EDITION: PR Done Well or Wrong in the Coronavirus Era

  3. COVID-19: How to conduct B2B media relations in a severe crisis by Jo Detavernier

  4. Brand Management Pandemic Edition by Bonnie Waxman

  5. Securing Your Brand During the COVID-19 Crisis

  6. PR AMA {Public Relations Ask Me Anything!}

  7. Could the Coronavirus Impact Your Business?

  8. Coronavirus (COVID-19): Small Business Guidance & Loan Resources

  9. PR From A to Z Group PR Sign-Up

  10. Communicating COVID-19: The Best Advice for Informing Your Stakeholders During The Pandemic

  11. Join My PR Client Slack Group

  12. Newsjacking: Should Your Brand Attempt to Insert Itself into Breaking News?

  13. How CEOs can Lead the way Through Coronavirus Concerns at Work

I hope you are well and have avoided getting sick or in any way negatively impacted by the coronavirus. I hope you are safely working from home, are able to practice social distancing, and can care for yourself, family, friends, and community.

I know everyone is talking about it, but can I just ask:

Are you tired of talking about Coronavirus yet?

I am but there’s still so much to know, learn, understand, and process as this crisis continues to unfold. My greatest hope is that this will all pass quickly, with very few of the drastic predictions coming true. 

Please let me know what questions you have and how I can help.


268x0wAs a small business owner, I am sure you are worried about the economy and how this disaster will affect your business. I sure am! I personally do not like feeling helpless so I am going to give you all that I can to help you through this; which for me is the best communications advice out there. I have several links to articles on the home page of my website and below are several links to helpful business communications articles that are related to the crisis.

If you have questions there are a variety of ways to contact me. In the coming days, I will have articles on Spring Cleaning Your Social Media (something that is easy to do from home) and How to Promote in a Disaster-Focused Media World.

You can find me on Twitter, LinkedIn, and Instagram and I just opened my client slack group, so feel free to pop in for questions or discussions on any business-related issues or even if you just need to socialize.

I know we are all panicking but you still have to do your due diligence. Social media is full of people sharing thoughts & ideas which I love, but if you are actually going to HIRE a communications expert, please make sure that has been their core business for years, not days.

I recently had a great question regarding coronavirus and public relations from a client:

Should we still run ads?

My answer: Yes!

Online advertisements are delivered based on search parameters that have been set by the user, so if someone is actively searching for your product or service there is no reason to be totally unavailable. Stay in business any way you can! Any snarky PR comments you see from me on social media are for companies that are pushing out unnecessary, unrelated marketing garbage or attempting to jump into the media fray with irrelevant press releases. Anything that customers ASK FOR should continue. Some people are getting back to business as usual.

*The Slack invite will expire in 8 days!

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