My favorite show The Crown comes back to Netflix for Season 4 on 11/4 and I am willing myself to get through the next few days just for that reason. I reviewed seasons 1-3 and an idea popped: This is all just #PR strategy! So I watched and I wrote. Click here for my long-read on Royal PR Lessons: History as a Guide to Modern Public Relations.

Public Relations is crucial in this ever-changing, 24/7 always-on world but the truth is, it has always been crucial. Many individuals and organizations have searched for clarity around their ability to manage their image, solidify their brand, influence the public, and drive the enterprise by relying on guidance from savvy politicians, influencers, and decision makers.

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The need for sophisticated communications strategies seems like a modern challenge, but as far back as we have been able to understand history, power, and politics, we can see that consistently heeding communications and publicity advice is what has made great leaders, organizations and enterprises. The need to harness the power to influence is as old as power itself.

While I spend most of my time contemplating modern public relations issues, it is beneficial as a professional to take a step away from the daily media meltdowns and to look at where we are and what we are doing with a little perspective. This light history provides not only the most important milestones in royal publicity, but allows me to share communications fundamentals that are timeless. It was fun to reacquaint myself with the antics of these aristocrats and I hope you enjoy my thoughts on how modern communicators can learn a few lessons from the trials and tribulations of a few royals.

Royal #PR Lessons

  1. Understand history
  2. Understand YOUR public
  3. Your name matters
  4. Own your legacy
  5. Nazis are bad (partnerships)
  6. The Enemy of my enemy is my friend (competition)
  7. Always have a contingency plan
  8. Outshine the critics
  9. Have time on your side
  10. Ignore rumors
  11. Launch early
  12. YOU are not your brand (customers)
  13. Understand your true culture
  14. Avoid celebrity
  15. Pace yourself
  16. Understand the difference between tradition and apathy (change)

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