As a business owner, I know how daunting it can be to manage daily administrative tasks while focusing on your clients, and growing your business further, simultaneously. Social media is often seen as another arduous responsibility to add to the list, but most companies must build brand awareness and connect with customers. A polished social media presence has become standard and expected. As prospects search your business, when they see a professional social media profile, it adds credibility and makes it easier for customers to learn about your services.  

While it can be confusing to know where to begin, I want to simplify this process for you. Here are a few simple steps to follow to get started to achieve visibility and connect with your audience across social media.

Pick your Platform

Not every business needs a presence on each social media platform. Just because it’s there doesn’t mean you have to use it. Photographers, makeup artists, event planners, designers, and businesses in creative fields are best suited for Instagram, given its visual nature. In contrast, lawyers, IT tech support experts, and other B2B services are best suited for the professional network, LinkedIn. Research each social media platform and consider if it makes sense for your business to have a presence there. Determine where you are going and why first, and the rest will become clear.

Create a Content Plan

Content is essential, but it’s not always possible to churn out fresh ideas when giving your energy to other priorities. Develop a strategy that will help you develop a calendar to look at weekly or monthly and plan. Consider your existing content, such as client reviews or testimonials, blogs you have written, podcasts you participated in. Feel free to repurpose that content, and don’t be shy! Take a look at the articles you read related to your industry and any other content you consume that can easily be re-shared with your added brief commentary. It takes just a few minutes, positions you as a thought leader, and provides your audience with valuable, relevant, and recent information. Research social media “theme days” that relate to your industry, and share a relevant quote, photo, or fact on that day. On National Puppy Day, dog groomers can post a quick video with their customers and their dogs. A cupcake company can celebrate National Baking Day by featuring a photo of the top-selling flavor. These are engaging and sometimes interactive ways to connect with an audience. 

Analyze and Optimize

Every social media platform has built-in analytics that you can view for free. Once you begin using social media regularly, you will see what content receives the most engagement and how your audience interacts with you. Over time, you will start to notice trends. Are your customers online more during the weekends and at night? Do your videos get more likes than your photo posts? It’s essential to pay attention to these metrics, but don’t get stuck in the numbers. Instead, look at the big picture and the overall story that the analytics are telling. Remember that social media is a science and an art. You must follow your intuition and what feels suitable for your brand and balance that with your analytics. Optimizing and testing are critical.

Learn more about getting started with social media and my Social Success Formula in my eBook. Or, reach out to me to learn more about consulting for social media.