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From Architects to Zoologists, everyone can learn to use agency-style public relations strategies to grow their career or business. The PR Method is my step-by-step guide for entrepreneurs, solopreneurs, and small business owners who want agency-style PR results without the fees.

You can start your public relations plan and create credible media coverage and online awareness to grow your small business, without huge agency fees. I can teach you how! Immediately start creating awareness for your brand, even if you are an army of one! The PR Method is my simple, proven system that I developed for entrepreneurs to ensure they are getting the most from their PR and media efforts.

In consulting for over 100 small businesses, I have learned that hiring a PR firm or in-house marketing expert is often not feasible, nor is it the best option for many solopreneurs. For most small business owners and entrepreneurs, you are the brand, so it makes sense to develop your communications style and employ easy, proven PR tactics that you can incorporate into your everyday activities to help grow awareness. I call this micro-PR – big public relations strategies for an individual or small business. The PR Method is a system to address all aspects of your brand with a simple process to manage it all effectively while having fun! Learn Branding, PR Tactics, Media Relations, Social Success, Blogging, PR Prognosis, and my Social Media Formula.

The entrepreneurs I have met have big goals. They are right to want prestige; they are right to feel a sense of accomplishment and to want to be recognized for their gifts. It is human nature and it is natural. But how do you temper a passion for your business with a practice that makes sense and works? How do you bounce between building a product, serving clients, managing employees, creating new business opportunities, managing your finances, and promoting your brand (if you even have a brand)? Well, I have done it for 25 years and I know it is hard. However, with a plan in place, you can meet all of your obligations and still have time to drive awareness and publicity for you or your company. The PR Method is a highly effective strategy because it is simple!

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