Inform. Inspire. Invite. Influence. Interpret. Involve. Initiate. Invest. Interpret. Increase. Introduce. Invite.  Invent. Initiate. Instruct. Include. Invoke.

‘IN’ Source.

Every company has an interesting story — don’t trust outsourced strangers to tell yours. ‘IN’ Source your PR to move toward authentic brand conversations while creating a culture of communication.

ZGPR is not an agency, this is a rebellion and to me, your story is personal.

YELLOW NOTESThe communications industry’s continual inability to meet journalists’ needs is a failure not just of individual professionals but of leadership. While proper pitching seems like PR 101, the increasing number of disgruntled journalists hints that this is not a malady of the occasional untrained staffer, fly-by-night agency or rogue freelancer.

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