Influence. Interpret. Involve. Initiate. Invest. Interpret. Increase. Introduce. Invite.  Invent. Initiate. Instruct. Include. Invoke.

‘IN’ Source.

black and white dartboardEvery company has an interesting story — don’t trust outsourced strangers to tell yours. ‘IN’ Source your PR to move toward authentic brand conversations while creating a culture of communication. Z Group PR can ensure that your brand is represented professionally and authentically to the media.

ZGPR is not an agency, this is a rebellion and to me, your story is personal.

I’ve got a major grievance with the current state of media relations: PR practitioners need to break the cycle of bad pitching practices and start giving media relations the strategic attention it deserves.

The communications industry’s continual inability to meet journalists’ needs is a failure not just of individual professionals but of leadership. While proper pitching seems like PR 101, the increasing number of disgruntled journalists hints that this is not a malady of the occasional untrained staffer, fly-by-night agency or rogue freelancer.

Z Group PR employs strategies that ensure every client benefits from the depth and breadth of our experience during every step of the process. Using measurable goals to unite communications programs and business results, Z Group PR clients now have an adviser and a strategic partner in ensuring that communications objectives are surpassed.

In PR, there is a Myth of the Golden Rolodex

A shimmering, glossy desktop model, I imagine, bursting with key contacts at every major media outlet in the world – organized alphabetically, of course. I guess the myth has been sustained because non-PR folks want to believe like I continue to want to believe in Santa, that there is a magical quality to PR or at least a silver bullet that explains success. The dream is that if you hire the person with the right contacts, they can guarantee media results. They have The Golden Rolodex – all they have to do is call up their friends at any number of media companies and your organization will appear in the news outlets of choice.

But it doesn’t work that way. Pitching media is based on relationships, but those relationships are built on PR people providing relevant information, at the right time, to the right journalist. The idea that the journalist who loved my story idea 5 years ago will continue to write about everything I send their way into perpetuity is ridiculous.

Yes, connecting with lots of smart journalists is very useful to the PR professional. But more importantly, knowing how to find the right journalist, at the right time, is critical. I do not have to be friends with someone, or even have an existing relationship with them, if my story idea is targeted, timely, and relevant.

If you are ready to join the rebellion and to do this PR thing right, Let’s talk!