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Influencing Means Engaging Experiences

black and white dartboardI founded Z Group PR as a freelance consultancy after years working with communications teams and public relations agencies and have offered my advice in many media interviews and articles. Recently, I have been telling anyone who will listen that a 360° engagement approach is the best way to maximize PR and communications efforts. You cannot influence your environment if you do not have a complete picture of your marketplace from every vantage point.I think it is great to give people recognition of their efforts and abilities to influence industries, ideas, and followers. My best advice to becoming an influencer is to stop trying to be named as such. Most people who do develop the type of following that would garner the description ‘influencer’ are more interested in changing an industry, disrupting an idea, or leading a cause. Being that the nexus of next and new is what creates influencers. And for that, there is rarely a road map.

Most every influencer is striving to be something else — a leader, a coach, a champion, a change agent. The big work that they are doing is what drives the steps and choices that create influencers along the way. If ‘influencing’ is your goal, you have to start by engaging and creating memorable experiences. Once you know your goals and your ‘why’ focus on speaking passionately about your topic. Influencing means creating engaging experiences and hitting the mark on each and every message.

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