I am a public relations expert with agency, corporate in-house, and consulting experience. Also, I’m a bit of a rebel.

I’m Julia Angelen Joy. I am a rebel PR strategist. Communicating is my superpower!

I fell in love with PR when I interned for an entertainment public relations agency and from there, I grew into corporate and agency positions, always developing my ability to create cultures of communication.

I would love to talk to you about my experience and ideas about engaging your public. I have consulted with over 100 organizations—expanding communications, defining their engagement, and connecting with external audiences.  My motto—everything you say and everything you do is Public Relations—reflects my comprehensive approach to meeting communications challenges; big or small. For entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, micro-PR campaigns can tip the balance for new startups. For agencies and companies, creativity, plus innovative, effective ideas can bring clarity in a noisy world, helping brands to find their place in the new normal and to traverse this drastically different media and social landscape. I am a seasoned communications practitioner with a team focus and the ability to lead clients, staff, and executives. I began my consulting practice after working with corporate communications departments, sales marketing teams, and public relations agencies. That was a long time ago! The gorgeous silver lining of getting older is that you get wiser too. I could not possibly list all of my projects, partnerships, and clients, click here to learn about a few of my favorites. I also love to do presentations and I have created custom PR classes for several organizations.