Jules Rules for Social Media

:: Pick ONE social media tool to learn and use at a time, adding only ONE at a time as you master each. ::

:: Ditch any social media account that you don’t get or don’t like. You can outsource marketing help in that area later. ::

:: Remember, your online networking should resemble your in-person networking. If you’re obnoxious, interrupt conversations, blurt out inappropriate things in public and the like, then go ahead and do that online. If you are quiet, relaxed and take time to get to know people, then do that online. It should be a match to your real personality. ::

Jules Rules for Media Relations 

:: The key to media relations is the relationship.
:: It seems counter-intuitive, but mass emailing a press release to many people does not get you more chances of coverage.
:: The media list is really is the only step, because if you do not have a solid media list, you have nothing.

Jules Rules for Crisis Communications 

:: Show Regret, Resolve, Reform and Restitution.

Jules Rules for PR Interns 

:: Google yourself.
:: Trim your nails.
:: Google your supervisor.
:: Don’t comment on your supervisor’s nails.
:: Be specific.

Jules Rules on engaging 
:: Approach your social media to ensure that you are finding meaning.

Jules Rules on keeping PR easy 
:: If my six steps seem to make PR look too easy, you are right.

Jules Rules on conquering your fear of social media 
:: You might as well be afraid of driving and cooking too.

Jules Rules on finding internships 
:: Ab ove maiori discit arare minor.

Jules Rules on finding a good PR firm 
:: The small and mighty have a chance of saving the day.

Jules Rules for PR measurement 
:: Measure consistently; see results!

Jules Rules on Blogging 
:: Taking time-off to reflect and refine your blog is equally rewarding as writing daily.

Jules Rules for deciding if your pro is R.E.A.L.
:: If you follow these six steps they should get the job done – on time, on budget, and with some results

Jules Rules for social media manners
:: Keep skid chains on your tongue!

Jules Rules for connecting with Journalists
:: Be an MVP: Most Valuable Professional

Jules Rules for PR budgeting
:: “If you build it, they will come” is a movie line, not a communications strategy!

Jules Rules for being a good client
:: Know when to participate.