I fell in love with PR when I interned for an entertainment public relations agency and from there, I grew into corporate and agency positions, always developing my ability to create cultures of communication. I would love to talk to you about my experience and ideas about engaging your public.

I have consulted with over 100 organizations—expanding communications, defining their engagement, and connecting with external audiences.  My motto—everything you say and everything you do is Public Relations—reflects my comprehensive approach to meeting communications challenges; big or small.

For entrepreneurs and solopreneurs, micro-PR campaigns can tip the balance for new startups. For agencies and companies, creativity and innovative, effective ideas can bring clarity in a noisy world, helping brands to find their place in the new normal and to traverse this drastically different media and social landscape.

I grew up in Oregon, where my fondest childhood memories are of climbing gorgeous, towering trees, picking fresh summer berries, and playing on the Oregon coast. I dreamed of moving to NYC to study fashion but instead meandered through school, obtaining an undergraduate degree in Graphic Design while working full time. I moved to LA to continue my studies and broaden my horizons (code for getting out of the rain!) where an inspiring communications professor recommended me for a public relations internship, where I blossomed with a passion for communications. While my children have brought immeasurable joy and balance to my life, I have never given up my first love—PR.

I founded Z Group PR as a freelance consultancy after years of working with communications teams and public relations agencies. I have been told by more than one client that my poise, tactical communications skills, and media expertise make me a valuable asset, but it is my cheerfulness and passion that make them want to work with me. I enjoy being involved professionally with many nonprofits and business groups and I was a registered Girl Scout Leader for 12 years.

Now, with so many, many, oh so many years of experience, a second marketing degree, and an MBA, I can solve client public relations and communications issues faster than you can say, “Super PR Lady!” I have been called an “international steward of creativity” thanks to my global experience in public relations, brand management, and marketing strategies spanning a myriad of industries, such as Architecture & Engineering, Conservation, Corporate Retail Operations, Entertainment, Government Affairs, Hospitality, Non-For-Profit & NGOs, Public Works, Sports, Technology & eCommerce, and Water Resources. I offer proven abilities in strategic marketing, corporate messaging, traditional and digital communications, and social media marketing and am highly adept at developing vertical markets, identifying business opportunities, creating break-through ideas, and building strategic alliances that drive market expansion and generate revenue growth.

If I was ever to be famous it would likely be due to my contrarian beliefs about my profession’s lack of ethics when it comes to media relations, my frank discussions on the failures of public relations leadership, and my ability to have what I call the difficult conversations and the ability to lead others through difficult their conversations. It might also be because I giggle a lot!

I live in Boise with my partner, where we have a tiny urban farm that is home-base to 6 shared kids, 3 silly dogs, a feral cat that keeps showing up, and one quiet goldfish.

Do you have examples of your PR work?

Yes! Thank you for asking. I have experience as a consultant, writer, and corporate communications employee. Many of my articles are available online and you can view my media mentions here. Below are links to some of my favorite success stories and positive feedback that I have received over the years.

What is ZGPR?

ZGPR stands for Z Group PR, which is the consulting company I started when I began freelancing years ago. It’s what some call a boutique public relations firm—a very small agency that serves very specific clients.

What does ZGPR sell?

I sell public relations consulting services. That includes providing PR strategies, media relations, awareness or attractor campaigns, content management for web and social, engagement activities (business or political), events, internal and employee communications, and general development of thought leadership within industries.

Who are ZGPR customers?

I work with individuals, small businesses, creative agencies, entrepreneurs, start-ups, nonprofits, coalitions, and corporations.

What does success look like for ZGPR customers?

I am successful because I provide deep PR and media expertise. The most obvious marker of success for most clients is media attention. Foundational improvements also bring success, meaning my clients immediately elevate their communications and marketing processes, building a culture of communications. My services vary from the day-to-day implementation of PR strategies as well as the ongoing development of strategic communications.

Like I said, I have many, many years of experience and the old school media placements to prove it!