ZGPR stands for Z Group PR, which is the consulting company I started when I began freelancing years ago. It’s what some call a boutique public relations firm—a very small agency that serves very specific clients.
Julia Angelen Joy sells public relations consulting services. That includes providing PR strategies, media relations, awareness or attractor campaigns, content management for web and social, engagement activities (business or political), events, internal and employee communications, and general development of thought leadership within industries.
I work with individuals, small businesses, entrepreneurs, start-ups, nonprofits, coalitions, and corporations.
I am successful because I provide deep PR and media expertise. The most obvious marker of success for most clients is media attention. Foundational improvements also bring success, meaning my clients immediately elevate their communications and marketing processes, building a culture of communications. My services vary from day-to-day implementation of PR strategies as well as ongoing development of strategic communications.