I have taught The PR Method to dozens of executives, business owners, nonprofit organizations, and entrepreneurs as part of my consulting practice and I have introduced the concept to small business owners and professionals through blog posts, presentations, corporate training, book chapters, and marketing strategy sessions.

For the first time, with the encouragement of some awesome professional friends, I am offering The PR Method coaching services for individual entrepreneurs and solo-preneur clients. Sign up below for your 1:1 Solo PR coaching session to learn how to increase media coverage, engage more with social media, and finally getting your marketing organized into a fun, manageable system with your own micro-marketing plan.


I am available as a consultant for corporate projects and ongoing strategic public relations programs. Contact me to get the conversation started or request more information on the Let’s Chat form. You can learn more about hiring me for consulting or read about The PR Method that I developed after consulting for over 100 clients, my approach to creating cultures of communications, and how strategic PR works.