I launched the inaugural #PrimeTimePRchat on Twitter on June 25th. It was awesome! Not only for the good content and ideas but because it affirmed my belief in the field of public relations.


Chat Recaps and Links

Public Relations Winners

60+ PR Tools for Public Relations Professionals

Storytelling in Public Relations

PR Advice for new Public Relations Professionals

Nothing Stays the Same, Except PR

Who is afraid PR of ROI?

PR & Politics

Burnout & Toxic Stress in the PR Industry

Media Relations

Ethics in Public Relations

Media Pitching & Press Releases

Ethics & Conscience in PR

Introductions & Definitions

As a practitioner who has often been in the humbling and uncomfortable position of searching for employment, I started asking questions, which led to a conversation about being an experienced, Director-level professional and the issues we face. The chat came about as a group of us were discussing on Twitter about the fact that I am “overqualified” for many jobs. I jokingly called myself PR Old Lady. The conversation focused on the fact that as senior or very experienced practitioners, we see a lot of due to inexperience. Several of my favorite Twitter friends jumped in on the conversation and voila, a chat was born.

I will track the conversations here and keep you posted on my thoughts, learning, and experiences navigating the upper echelon of the communications world. Thanks for being here and visit me on Twitter to add your comments or to send me your ideas.