Why HubSpot’s Crisis Communications Was Spot On [Swyft]

Last week, marketing automation provider, Hubspot, experienced an issue with one of their critical infrastructure systems that supports many parts of the platform, apparently right after announcing upgrades to its enterprise suite. HubSpot, for those not aware, is widely credited for inventing and popularizing Inbound Marketing and creating the first scalable marketing automation platform dedicated … Continue reading Why HubSpot’s Crisis Communications Was Spot On [Swyft]

A Shower of PR Disasters

The reality is that even savvy business professionals and experienced marketers rarely have the ability to manage their company, develop their brand, and plan for the future – all without their rose colored glasses. You need expert assistance and someone you can rely on for sound advice, feedback, and direction. I know this all seems like a lot of work for something that might not happen, but if you find yourself in a crisis, you will be so glad that you have prepared.