A Shower of PR Disasters

The reality is that even savvy business professionals and experienced marketers rarely have the ability to manage their company, develop their brand, and plan for the future – all without their rose colored glasses. You need expert assistance and someone you can rely on for sound advice, feedback, and direction. I know this all seems like a lot of work for something that might not happen, but if you find yourself in a crisis, you will be so glad that you have prepared.

When It Doubt, Kill The Messenger Because They Are Lying!

Recently, AdAge covered the Twitter sensation @BPGlobalPR, the fake BP Oil public relations department account that mocks the company and the way it has handled the oil spill. I love following it because the anonymous writers have an endless supply of witty, morbid jokes that make any real public relations professional both wince and crack up. The problem is that the unknown editor reveals in his AdAge interview that "most people in PR are liars." He blames the communications department for the oil spill. (How come no one calls out the engineers?) I have posted the entire Q & A below so you do not have to register to read it, as well as my posted comments; which you will notice include my true identity, because if you are going to throw stones, you need to grow a pair up and not hide behind an invisibility cloak.