What we Learned About PR from Colin Kaepernick and Nike

One thing that I have experienced throughout my career is the vast difference between executing global corporate communications versus small business marketing and what I love about CEO Blog Nation is that the blog takes major corporate issues and strategies and then filters them down to be useful for the entrepreneur or small business owner. … Continue reading What we Learned About PR from Colin Kaepernick and Nike

PR for Professional Services

I have worked in and around the A/E/C and tech industries for two decades and I personally love working with engineers. By default, they require me, as a marketer, to be both efficient and subtle in my approach, which normally suits me just fine. I have found that as a group, they will be the first to laugh with me as we joke about how much they shun the spotlight, especially for anything as fluffy as publicity. I imagine it is the same for many lawyers, financial advisors, and accountants.

Six Steps to Creating a PR Plan

If you have been here before, you know that a well planned public relations campaign is far more effective than advertising. Not a surprising statement, considering the fact that I get paid for creating public relations plans. PR is so important to the success of an organization, I want everyone to understand how easy it can be to plan properly.

Why PR Remains the Most Important Marketing Tool

My friend shared an article with me today called “Why PR Remains the Most Important Marketing Tool” which was appropriate, since  theauthor and I both work in PR. In reality, I believe that PR is the most important marketing tool available. I find it hard constantly communicating to people (CEOs even) that say, “but what exactly … Continue reading Why PR Remains the Most Important Marketing Tool

5 Keys for a Slam Dunk PR Career!

I love the idea of Council of PR Firms The Harvard Leadership Program, an agency leadership retreat that focuses on helping PR managers to "maximize leadership skills and challenge the way they think about agency business strategies." Not sure you are cut out to be a Communications leader, not only for clients, but for our staff as well? Here are 5 attributes for ensuring you have a successful PR career as well as become a successful PR team leader.