What we Learned About PR from Colin Kaepernick and Nike

One thing that I have experienced throughout my career is the vast difference between executing global corporate communications versus small business marketing and what I love about CEO Blog Nation is that the blog takes major corporate issues and strategies and then filters them down to be useful for the entrepreneur or small business owner. … Continue reading What we Learned About PR from Colin Kaepernick and Nike

PR for Professional Services

I have worked in and around the A/E/C and tech industries for two decades and I personally love working with engineers. By default, they require me, as a marketer, to be both efficient and subtle in my approach, which normally suits me just fine. I have found that as a group, they will be the first to laugh with me as we joke about how much they shun the spotlight, especially for anything as fluffy as publicity. I imagine it is the same for many lawyers, financial advisors, and accountants.

Six Steps to Creating a PR Plan

If you have been here before, you know that a well planned public relations campaign is far more effective than advertising. Not a surprising statement, considering the fact that I get paid for creating public relations plans. PR is so important to the success of an organization, I want everyone to understand how easy it can be to plan properly.