Accomplish More with Less

Constraints breed resourcefulness, self-sufficiency, and invention because with most clients, there are no extra points for growing budget size or adding fixed expenses. To ensure shareholders avoided short-term thinking and would continue to support management during a period where performance had deviated from expectations, I knew that this small but mighty public company need to demonstrate their effectiveness, increase transparency, provide an annual report of boardroom activities, and take charge of their relationship with their shareholders. By targeting the investors we needed most we gained insight into the real concerns of shareholders, and then we were able to respond to them with answers to those concerns. Result: During FY2014, PCSV (OTCMKTS) saw significant growth in international business and maintained shareholder support.


Invent and Simplify

Agency leaders expect innovation and ways to simplify from their teams. To be successful at a communications agency, you need to look for new ideas, do new things, and be comfortable with the idea that you might fail. Working with chaotic account management we were failing at our media relations goals. Overseeing my account coordinator and managing up to my Account Manager & the Director I implemented a media relations process that was repeatable, relevant, and measurable. Training of all account coordinators, redistributing relationship duties back to media specialists, and educating managers in better media list assessments resulted in happier clients, happier team members and increased efficiency by 50% for PR managers, with a 37% improvement in media pitching & story placements across the agency.


The Man Behind the Model

Management expert and consultant Phil Eastman has developed a strong following in Idaho, after serving as CEO for one of our region’s largest banks, launching his consulting firm and counseling some of Idaho’s greatest companies. When he was ready to take his revolutionary approach to leadership – The Character of Leadership Model – to the masses, he had access to just about any PR consultant around. Mr. Eastman selected Z Group PR to bring his message to the media and engage his fan base via social media. With a recently implemented campaign, the company has seen its awareness (measured both online and through speaking engagements) triple. As this program continues to move forward, The Character of Leadership is on pace to meet or exceed all public relations goals for the year.

The Character of Leadership Model

Crime Pays

Working with a retail technology security company, I was tasked with “getting us noticed” as the CEO put it. Sales and marketing were already highly visible to current customers, so from my PR perch, I knew I needed to find a hook. Working with major national retailers, state legislators, the National Retail Federation, and local law enforcement our team began to create awareness around Organized Retail Crime or ORC in loss prevention terms. Working with a California State Senator, we introduced legislation that would enhance the penalties for people convicted of organized retail theft, which costs retailers $777,877 per $1 billion dollars in sales annually (2018). With stunning media coverage results, a series of ORC Crime Conferences events with national retailers, and a measurable increase in legislation (32 states now have ORC laws on the books) for this client, it turns out, sometimes, crime pays.

Universal Surveillance Systems

Fish out of Water

Palmdale Water District’s 5 publicly elected Board members found themselves in the all too common situation of facing a major budget shortage for fiscal 2009/2010, with the unfortunate additional issue of needing an additional 40 million dollars to pay for failing infrastructure. As one of the most respected water conservation experts in California, CEO and General Manager R. Hill knew that the battle of the budget began and ended with the voters. When his team needed sound counsel to communicate the intricate public policy and water issues that affected his Board of Directors, he brought in Z Group PR (a company he had hired on two previous occasions) to provide public affairs and community relations counsel to the Board and state agency staff. Z Group PR’s public awareness insights not only successfully prepared the public officials for the rough waters ahead, but it also calmed the raging waves of public opinion.

Palmdale Water District

Biggest Little Festival

The historic National Oldtime Fiddlers Contest & Festival® engaged Z Group PR to develop a strategic social media communications plan prior to its annual national event. With audience attention dwindling and economic forces squeezing the organization, NOFC needed a consultant to engage quickly, efficiently and effectively. With a quickly disappearing budget and high expectations for this 55-year old Idaho tradition, the non- profit tripled its online traffic, fan base and community interactions within weeks of implementing Z Group PR’s strategy. Utilizing teleconferencing, email, and online meeting tools, the organization was able to use the vast majority of its budget on message-driving tactics instead of over-paid public relations professional large consulting bills.

National Oldtime Fiddlers Festival