Awesome! You made it! Welcome to my PR Party!

I’m Julia Angelen Joy.

I’m a rebel PR Strategist. This is where I talk about my favorite thing: PR.

I am a public relations expert with agency, in-house and consulting experience. I fell in love with PR when I interned for an entertainment public relations agency and from there, I grew into corporate and agency positions, always developing my ability to create cultures of communication.

A little about me… I grew up in Oregon then left to find the sun, which is how I ended up working in LA for years. Boise home now, where I live with my partner, referred to publicly as IronManLove, on a tiny urban farm, with six shared kids, three dogs, and one quiet goldfish. I was once referred to as an “international steward of creativity”—that still makes me smile. I giggle more than what may be considered reasonable for a woman my age. If coffee is ever outlawed, I will happily live a life of crime. My family is everything, but I never gave up my first love: PR. I’m glad you’re here! I love answering questions about PR so you can reach out to me anytime by using my Let’s Talk contact form and please visit me on social media to keep the conversation going. Cheers!

You know what they say! Talk is cheap so send me a note! I’ll be happy to answer your PR questions. In the meantime, please enjoy my recent articlesblog posts & recent features.