solopreneur is a business owner who works and runs his or her business alone and Solopreneurs are a powerful and growing force in today’s business landscape.

If you are a Solopreneurer, The PR Method is a simple system that I developed for individuals, entrepreneurs, and small business owners to ensure they are getting the most from their public relations and media efforts. In consulting for over 100 small businesses, I have learned that hiring a PR firm or in-house marketing employee is often not financially feasible for solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, and small business owners, nor is it the best option for many new companies.

The truth is that for most small business owners, solopreneurs, and entrepreneurs, you are the brand, so it makes sense to develop your personal communications style and to employ easy, proven PR tactics that you can incorporate into your everyday business routine to help grow awareness and engage with social media. Not only is engaging via social media important for your customers, these conversations, links, and images will connect you to your core audience and potentially to journalists.

The PR Method is a system to publicize your brand.

I have broken this system into seven segments, but you will find that there are several steps you will need to complete before you start The PR Method.

For example, even if you are a solopreneur, working alone, you need to map out your goals, mission, purpose, and start to develop your voice. Additionally, understanding trends in your field, research that is new or changing your industry, and potential customer demographics will all be useful and will help you to prepare for success useing The PR Method. To get started, review my Read. Write. Work. plan for professional services.

The PR Method covers:

Branding Basics
PR Tactics
Media Relations
Social Success
Blogging Basics
PR Prognosis
PR Formula

Background: 20 years of experience

I’ve always been a communicator.

Maybe it’s because I’m a Virgo or maybe it’s because I’m the middle child. Maybe I’m just a social butterfly and I need to be in everyone’s business. Once as a child, I made survey for my mother to fill out so we could get to know each other better. Another time, when I got together with my friends in grade school for our Girl Scout camping trip, I held a therapy session in our cabin to help the other girls overcome the pre-teen conflicts. We sat in a circle and I laid out the ground rules: we could talk about a problem, but not about an individual person, and if a problem was mentioned, it had to include at least one suggestion for a solution. I was 10.

In high school, I was a member of the student-lead fundraising committee, joined the marketing club, won awards at DECA, and pretty much was introuble all day, every day, for talking in class.

But here’s what I learned at an early age: not only do I talk a lot, I’m a really good listener and I can apply solutions to the problems people share with me. As long as I can remember, people have come to me with their problems. Total strangers will tell me all about the complexities of their life on a plane ride. In a room full of people, where nobody knows what to do, somehow it’s not very long until I’m in charge. This happens in the work environment but it also happens in public. I watched a man stride across a public park and come directly to me and ask me if I knew what he was supposed to be doing. He was a volunteer for a fundraising race. I had nothing to do with this event. I was there to cheer on my big sister.

People want to talk to me, and they tell me things, and that has helped me to understand how we communicate as humans and what that looks like in the businessworld.

Fast-forward many, many, many (too many years for me to even admit publicly) to my marketing communications and public relations career, and I’ve given basically the same advice since I was 10.

Of course, we’re a little bit more sophisticated now, with computers, smart phones, and social media. We have the #METoo movement and #TimesUP and LeanIn. As humans and organizations we understand the importance of communication. But here’s the trick, somehow with all these tools and all these opportunities, organizations are stuck. They have linear, top-down, unhelpful, or downright boring communications plans, and they all sit back, folding their arms and frowning at the marketing person because they’re not getting the results that they want.

But we are different, right? Yes!

The entrepreneurs I have met have big goals. They are right to want prestige. They are right to feel a sense of accomplishment and to want to be recognized for their gifts. It is human nature and it is natural. But how do you blend a passion for your business with a practice that makes sense and works? How do you bounce between building a product, serving clients, managing employees, creating new business opportunities, managing your finances, and promoting your brand? If you even have a brand.

Well, I have done it for 20 years and I know it is hard. However, with a plan in place, you can meet all of your obligations and still have time to drive awareness and publicity for your or your company. The PR Method is a highly effective strategy because it is simple because I have outlined time-tested tactics and processes that will help you to achieve your publicity, engagement, and media relations goals. If you take the time to learn the available platforms and tools, then commit the required amount of time to complete every step, you will find success in less time, with less stress, and with better results.

Once your process is in place, you simply need to dedicate the minimal amount of time to continue to move each piece forward.

Do not be fooled! This is not a set-it-and-forget-it plan. That does not work. Social media marketing and media relations takes time and needs to be well-planned in order to develop a following and to achieve results. The PR Method is about how you integrate social media marketing and media relations into your everyday business management processes. I train entrepreneurs and business owners to integrate publicity by providing very easy to follow processes for every aspect of communication. From writing media pitches to engaging via social media, The PR Method helps you to make daily progress toward your publicity goals. By relying on a calendar and scheduled blocks of reading and writing time, you can meet your communications goals without sacrificing your daily business responsibilities.

Want details? Continue reading through the steps of The PR Method:

The PR Method: Branding Basics
The PR Method: PR Tactics
The PR Method: Media Relations
The PR Method: Social Success
The PR Method: Blogging Basics
The PR Method: PR Prognosis
The PR Method: PR Formula

I would love to hear your thoughts. Let’s chat!

~ Jules