Blogs are still a very useful publicity tool. There are many free formats or options for integrating a blog into a website. A blog is where you can easily accessible content that is owned by the brand. You write blog posts and share them via your social network. Most blogs also have an email sign-up options, so it is still a very effective marketing tool. You can tailor content specifically for those who have signed up. Like social media, blog writing takes persistence. A blog is where you can dive into a longer form a writing and tell a complex story. Your objective with a blog is to create compelling online content and relevant links to share. This is also a destination where contacts or influencers can discuss your thoughts on key topics where you hold ultimate control.


  • Weekly is ideal to build momentum; less frequently will show little or no results.
  • For every post expect at least three hours of social media time to promote.
  • Blogs that create conversations, not just makes statements, are the ones that see comments and a high level of sharing.
  • Create a calendar of topics for a baseline number of blogs, then supplement with relevant timely posts
  • Plan to read and respond to approximately 10 similar bloggers per week in order to build rapport

Blog Process:

  • Write and edit the blog text
  • Post within blogging platform
  • Set distribution & sharing
  • Post to blog

Sharing Process:

  • Set blog to automatically post in LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (if applicable) and Pinterest (or manually post blog with link in each account)
  • Post to groups in LinkedIn
  • Share with LinkedIn contacts
  • Share with Facebook contacts
  • Share with 3 key influencers on Twitter
  • Email link to key contacts

Commenting Process

  • Create/respond to conversations on the same topic and insert blog link
  • Respond to those who comment on the post
  • Ask follow up questions and note responses by posting references to LinkedIn, Facebook, Twitter, Instagram (if applicable) and Pinterest.

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