Wonderfully kind praise from my private 1:1 PR consultations…


“Highly recommend [Jules]!”

“Awesome advice from Jules!”

“Very good advice. Thank you!”

“[Jules] is very knowledgeable.”

“Excellent response and service.”

“Exactly what I needed. Many thanks.”

“Absolutely first class. Thank you so much.”

“Always goes above and beyond. Thank you!!!”

“[Jules] offers very solid and actionable advice.”

“Very insightful information on branding and media relations!

“Thank you so much it was a pleasure working with you!”

“Jules is a trustworthy expert in PR and her advice is invaluable!!”

“Great feedback and recommendations! Thanks, Jules. You rock.”

“Great direction for utilizing PR to grow the business. Thanks, Jules!”

“Wow, Jules gave me so much feedback and has really over-delivered.”

“Thank you for the excellent analysis and advice! Highly recommend.”

“Very thoughtful and professional advice…would definitely recommend.”

“Very informative, useful. I am totally surprised by the quality of the work. A fabulous and really educational plan. This [PR Gal] knows what she’s doing. We are so glad to have the opportunity to work with such an experienced PR professional.”

“Great job. Thanks for your work. I appreciate it and would recommend you to others. [Jules] helped me in ways I could not have imagined with a new and stronger direction and vision for my brand. Excited to work more with her! TYSM!”

“EXCELLENT service! I received a great consultation with thorough comments and practical advice. Not only did Jules explain [PR] she took the time to give us steps to help improve. I am happy to recommend her and will be using her [services] again. Great Work! Thanks!”

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