Let’s boost your personal brand!

Authentic Promotion for Entrepreneurs

The PR Method is Like Having Your Own Mini Pop-Up Public Relations Agency in a Box!

The PR Method + Consultation includes a 90-minute PR strategy session with Julia Joy where you get a personalized strategy on how to become your own publicist.

Yep! For only $171 you can learn how to get agency-style PR results for your personal brand, side-gig, or start-up.

That’s less than the cost of 1 hour with a PR agency!

Yes! You can start your public relations programming, create credible media coverage & immediately grow online awareness to promote your brand without huge agency fees.

I can teach you how!

Yes! You can start your public relations programming, create credible media coverage & immediately grow online awareness to promote your brand without huge agency fees—even if you are an army-of-one! Learn how you can get agency-style public relations results for your brand with The PR Method + Consultation. With The PR Method you get agency-style public relations results for your personal brand.

Get the media mentions you want for your side gig, start-up, brand, or small business. The PR Method + Consultation helps you to finalize your public relations plan so you can create credible media coverage and online awareness for your small business or side-gig, without huge agency fees.

In The PR Method + Consultation we will:

  • Create your PR Goals, Branding & Visuals
  • Plan your Paid, Earned, Shared & Owned Media
  • Strategize your Social Channels and your Social Success Calendar
  • Finalize your Content Calendar
  • Create your Read.Write.Work. Plan
  • Outline your Media List Plan
  • Understand Your PR PRognosis
  • Start your HARO Response strategy

I have consulted for over 100 companies while working in agency and corporate public relations roles. I have placed thousands of articles and mentions over the past 20 years. I want to show you how to do that for your business too!


I developed The PR Method for my ZGPR consulting clients that are solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, professional service providers, freelancers, consultants & small business owners. Coupled with my Read.Write.Work! process, The PR Method guarantees that you are getting the most from your public relations efforts while you are launching your small business or working as an army-of-one.

Using the PR method you will learn:

  1. How to organize your PR goals
  2. The basics of branding strategies
  3. How to develop your brand
  4. How and when to use social media
  5. How to create a fool-proof social plan
  6. How to address the media landscape
  7. How to follow The PR Method for easy publicity
  8. How to build a program for social media success
  9. How to consistently create compelling content
  10. When to try your hand at media relations

I look for ways that people can better connect their personal brands and professional expertise with their key audiences. I study who is doing it right, figure out what works for the solopreneur, and put those ideas & strategies into an easy-to-follow process. 

I want you to grow your business using digital PR!

I have decades of extensive study of media, public relations, engagement & business marketing. I have done this for myself, so I know it works! It has worked for everyone I have shared this with! The PR Method teaches you how to connect with journalists, bloggers, pod-casters & digital content developers who are looking for people to interview.

Why listen to me?

100+ clients

20 years of experience

1000+ media stories placed

3 Marketing Degrees {including an MBA}

In consulting for over 100 small businesses, I learned that hiring a PR firm or in-house marketing expert is often not feasible, nor is it the best option for many new businesses. For most small business owners and entrepreneurs, you are the brand, so it makes sense to develop your communications style. I can show you how to use easy, proven PR tactics that you can incorporate into your everyday activities to help grow media coverage, online content & awareness.

With The PR Method System you will learn

  • How “The Media” really works.
  • A professional social media scheduling formula.
  • The Read.Write.Work. process to streamline your PR efforts.
  • How to use content for your social media that builds your brand.
  • How & when to share your story with the media {the right media, at the right time!}