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Learn how you can get agency-style public relations results for yourself and your personal brand with The PR Method by Julia Angelen Joy. The PR Method is your mini, pop-up agency in a box for proven PR tactics that you can use in your everyday work to earn media coverage & to build influence.

Learn how you can get agency style public relations results for your personal brand, solo gig, or small business with The PR Method.

Yes! You can immediately start creating awareness for your brand, even if you are just an army of one! The PR Method can launch your PR plan to create credible media coverage and online awareness to grow your small business, without huge agency fees! 

The PR Method is a simple system that I developed for ZGPR clients that are solopreneurs, entrepreneurs, service providers & small business owners.

Learn how you can get agency-style public relations results for yourself, your side-gig, or your new project. Coupled with my Read. Write. Work. process, The PR Method guarantees that you are getting the most from your public relations efforts while you are launching your small business or working as an army of one.

In consulting for over 100 small businesses, I have learned that hiring a PR firm or in-house marketing expert is often not feasible, nor is it the best option for many new businesses. For most small business owners and entrepreneurs, you are the brand, so it makes sense to develop your communications style.

I can show you how to use easy, proven PR tactics that you can incorporate into your everyday activities to help grow media coverage, online content & awareness.

Using The PR Method & Read.Write.Work. process, you will learn:

  • How to organize your PR goals
  • The basics of branding strategies
  • How to develop your brand
  • How and when to use social media
  • How to create a fool-proof social plan
  • How to address the media landscape
  • How to follow The PR Method for easy publicity
  • How to build a program for social media success
  • How to consistently create compelling content
  • When to try your hand at media relations

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The PR Method Guide & 90-minute Consultation

The PR Method is Like Having Your Own Mini Pop-Up On-Call Public Relations Agency in a Box. The PR Method System includes a 90-minute PR consultation where you get personalize advice & specific steps to take on how to create media awareness for yourself or your side gig.

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